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Hawai'i Gas LNG

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    Natural gas is cleanest of all fossil fuels producing 50% less CO2 emissions than coal and 30% less emissions than oil. Natural gas also has almost no particulate pollution, sulfur dioxide, or mercury emissions.

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    Taking advantage of low energy prices is the right thing to do for Hawai'i. Utilizing LNG is just one way we can relieve the high energy costs in our community. LNG provides a cost effective way for homeowners to cook, heat water and dry clothes. LNG can also be used for transportation and power production.

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    Diversified Fuel Supply

    Overreliance on one fuel or feedstock leaves us vulnerable to changes in the market. Utilizing clean burning natural gas will diversify our fuel supply and increase energy security and reliability.

History of HAWAI'I GAS

Since 1904, HAWAI'I GAS has provided reliable and safe gas service to the State of Hawai'i and today serves nearly 70,000 customers. HAWAI'I GAS is bringing liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Hawai'i to replace naphtha, a byproduct of petroleum refining, which is the sole source of feedstock used to produce SNG on O'ahu, and to lower the cost of energy to its customers. In January 2013, Tesoro announced its intention to shut down its refinery accelerating the need to bring LNG to Hawai'i. As the state's only gas utility franchise, HAWAI'I GAS has an obligation to identify alternative sources of fuel supply to ensure reliable service to our customers. HAWAI'I GAS will combine domestic, clean burning LNG with its Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) made from plant and animal fats and oils to create a renewable blend of natural gas for its utility pipeline customers. By utilizing LNG and RNG, HAWAI'I GAS will provide cost savings to its customers while reducing its carbon footprint and reliance on foreign oil.

LNG is a Statewide Energy Solution

At current prices LNG is a cheaper alternative than petroleum fuels used in Hawai'i. Because LNG can be shipped inter-island and used in multiple applications such as utility gas, electricity generation and ground and marine transportation, it is a statewide energy solution, not just an O'ahu solution. LNG can reduce our reliance on imported crude oil and keep the cost of other fuels in check.

What are the facts about energy for the State of Hawai'i?

  • Hawai'i is the most fossil fuel dependent state in the country
  • Nearly 95% of the state's energy is from imported crude oil
  • 100% of petroleum imports are from foreign countries
  • Hawai'i pays the highest electricity and gas prices in the country
  • Under the Hawai'i Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI), 40% of Hawai'i's electricity will come from renewable sources by 2030 -- but this leaves 60% of the electricity to be generated from oil, as well as leaving virtually all the transportation fuels used in the State to be sourced from oil. LNG offers a clean, secure and affordable alternative to oil imports in both these important sectors.

HAWAI'I GAS's LNG Strategy

Use LNG from the Continental United States to reduce Hawai'i's energy costs and reliance on foreign oil, while creating a foundation for Hawai'i's clean energy future.