What kind of gas customer are you?

Are you a Simmering Saver, Hot Shot, or Game Changer? Find out.

  • Game Changer

    “When I do something, I do it all the way.”

    The Tanakas converted to gas all at once – their water heater, stove, oven and clothes dryer – and were rewarded with lower energy costs. They found that while a new gas water heater provided the greatest savings, the ease of use and improved performance of a new clothes dryer and kitchen appliances was undeniable.

    By converting three or more appliances to gas, you can be a Game Changer like the Tanakas and save on your energy bills.

  • Game Changer

    “Big changes for big performance.”

    With a large family, the Hobsons learned they had great savings potential. By converting their entire home to gas, they saved on cooking, heating water and drying clothes. They now enjoy the ease of use and high performance that modern gas appliances deliver.

    You can be a Game Changer like the Hobsons by converting three or more appliances to gas and saving on your energy bills.

  • Simmering Saver

    “Gas turned me from a good cook to a great one.”

    The McGaughys know there’s no substitute for gas in the kitchen. They converted their stove and oven and have been savoring the results ever since.

    If you’re a Simmering Saver and you want total control over the heat to bring out the best in your culinary techniques, convert to gas like the McGaughys. They saved time and money.

  • Simmering Saver

    “Cooking and eating brings my family together.”

    The three ladies of the Arakaki family love to cook for their large family. Their family time revolves around eating and they know that no other cooking method offers the control, convenience and savings of gas.

    You can be a Simmering Saver too by converting to gas and cooking like a pro.

  • Lifestyle Lover

    “Our little piece of paradise is even better now.”

    The Nomuras already enjoy the reliability and efficiency of cooking, drying clothes and heating water with gas. Now, they’ve turned their attention to perfecting their backyard oasis by installing gas tiki torches and a pool heater.

    As a Lifestyle Lover, you too can enjoy the ambiance and comfort that comes with gas.

  • Lifestyle Lover

    “Our backyard is the envy of the neighborhood.”

    When the Burkes decided to liven up their backyard, they ran the numbers and learned gas was the way to go. With three active and hungry kids, they added a gas grill along with a pool heater and fire pit to finish their family sanctuary.

    Whether it’s a gas grill, tiki torches or a spa/ pool heater, you too can be a Lifestyle Lover and make your outdoor space your dream space.

  • Green Saver

    “Solar and gas, it’s a one-two punch.”

    As head of the Bower family, Kaipo wanted to teach his kids to live a sustainable lifestyle. He know that using solar was good for the environment, but missed his warm showers on cloudy days. By adding an on-demand gas water heater as a backup, the Bowers had the warmth and reliability of gas. And, because heating water is usually the highest use of energy in the home, by installing a solar-gas water heating combination, the Bowers are now enjoying substantial savings.

    As a Green Saver, you can have the cleanest burning fuel source on standby to augment your solar power.

  • Green Saver

    “Even on cloudy days, there’s plenty of hot water.”

    The Chengs knew having a large family uses more energy. So, they wanted to make a better choice for the environment and their home by adding a solar water heater with a gas backup. Best of all, gas is only used when it’s needed. With their solar-gas water heating combo, the Chengs have substantially lowered their energy bills by taming the home’s greatest energy user – the water heater.

    Like the Chengs, as a Green Saver you will not only create less pollution, you’ll save on your energy bills too.

  • Hot Shot

    “It was easier then I thought.”

    When the Casils decided to renovate, they knew they wanted gas. They researched and discovered that adding a gas water heater would add value while saving money on their energy bills. With their new efficient gas water heater, their annual savings allowed them to recover their cost to install and added to their bank account.

    You can be a real Hot Shot too and increase your savings like the Casils by switching one or more of you appliances to gas.

  • Hot Shot

    “We saved so much, we’re thinking about changing our whole house to gas.”

    With three kids who take long showers, the Yoshimuras wanted to find a way to save money. So, they decided to switch to a gas water heater. Now, their savings, like their warm water haven’t stopped!

    Just like the Yoshimuras, you can be a Hot Shot and see savings when you convert your appliances to gas.

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